Information for Sellers

If you are interested in selling through us we would be pleased to receive your enquiry and answer any questions that you may have about the selling process.

Our scheduled sales are held approximately every three months. Property may be consigned up to ten weeks before the sale date which allows time for the preparation of the catalogue, photography, research and for the catalogue to be mailed to our clients.

Valuations for Sale

Our valuation services are offered free of charge. If you would like to bring an item to the saleroom it is advisable to make an appointment with the appropriate specialist, alternatively you can send us an e-mail image or a photograph with as much information on the item as you can give or, for a number of items or house contents, we could arrange for one of our valuers to visit your home.

The Selling Process

When you have received your valuation and have decided to proceed we will ask you to sign a receipt form, which will form your contract with us and list your items and the agreed fees. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.


We do not have an in-house collection and delivery service, but we will be very pleased to offer any advice on the most suitable, reliable and cost-effective means of arranging carriage.

Before the Auction

We will send to you a notification of the lot numbers for your property and a complimentary illustrated catalogue, usually about two weeks before the sale. You would be welcome to come to the view and attend the auction if you wish.

All property is listed in our printed catalogue and on our website which is accessible directly and via the portal which is accessible 2 weeks before each sale.

The Reserve Price

This is the figure below which we will not sell your item. We recommend that all items have a reserve which we will discuss with you based on the auction estimate that we will have given you. The reserve must not be above the lower auction estimate.

Fees and Charges

We aim to make our charges straightforward and easy to understand and there are no additional or hidden charges.


Commission is charged to the seller at the following rate per lot: 15% (+VAT) of the hammer price up to £3000 and 10% (+VAT) of the hammer price above. There is a minimum charge per lot of £25 (+VAT), whether the item is sold or not.

Illustration Charges

All lots in our sales will be illustrated and we will usually agree the charges with you beforehand. Typically our charges range from £180 full page, £90 half page and £45 for single front profile. A charge of £5 per lot will be made for the for web illustration.

Insurance of Goods

All goods on our premises or under our control are insured against all risks at our lower auction estimate. The seller is charged at the rate of 1.5% of the hammer price plus VAT. You must instruct us in writing if you do not wish us to provide this cover. If this cover is not in place, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage in relation to your goods.


The fee for cancelling a sale or withdrawal of goods prior to the sale is 20% of the lower auction estimate or reserve, plus any costs incurred.


Sale results are sent out to you 48 hours after the sale and settlement is usually made four weeks after the sale, subject to normal business conditions.

Conditions of Sale

All lots are offered in accordance with our Conditions of Business.